Environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels.

All of us needs a pure environment. A healthy environment has clean air, water, and land. But when damaging material is added to the environment, it will cause pollution and sometimes pollution comes from natural sources, like forest fires. But most pollution comes from human activities like burning fossil now let’s talk about the environmental impacts of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are fossilized plants and animals that got pressed by the growing layers of sediments and rock and turn into fuels like coal and oil. Fossil fuels make an impact on the environment is that they create pollutants, when fossil fuels are burned, the carbon dioxide stored inside, now pollutants are released into the air, this, in turn, leads to the growth of the ozone layer a shell of greenhouse gases that covers the earth, the ozone layer traps heat from the sun, so earth doesn't become a frozen land, where nothing can live, but if the ozone layer gets too thick, it will trap too much heat causing droughts and record heat waves and with the poles melting, there can be serious floods too.

In addition, burning fossil fuels is a big contributor to polluting our air, water, and land. When we burn fossils fuels, like gases the bits of dust go into the air. Some of the gases combine with water droplets in the air. When this happens acid rain forms. Acid rains can harm people and animals and it can also damage buildings. Water vapor and other gases and dust can form smog, which hangs in the air like a fog. Smog makes the air very dangerous to breathe.

Another way fossil fuels are a big issue to the environment is that, it’s being transported by either pipeline, train or ship, oil can leak out to create a disastrous oil spills, once the oil spreads out, it’s very hard to stop it and if  it's in water, the oil could spread even faster and farther, and it will take tons of money and time to clean it up and sometimes, you can't make the environment back to what it was before, as a result, pollutes water, can kill plants and thousands of animals and it can make people sick and many fish, birds, and mammals are harmed in this way. And if a lot of plants and animals die from water poisoning or being covered with that slick stuff, it can create a massive impact on our food web. Like in the woodland forest Hawks is feed on mice and wolves, which eats seeds and small plants. If either of the animals dies out, it can cause food problems in the whole food web.

We are much aware that most of the energy we use to produce electricity comes from burning fossil fuels these energy sources are limited and they cannot be reused or replaced easily. Good thing there are other sources of energy that can be replaced in a short period of time. Wind can be turned windmills to make energy. Energy from the sun can be collected with the help of solar panels. If we continue these kinds of practice’s we will surely destroy our environment. Good thing that nowadays there is alternative energy that can help us to lessen pollution.

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