From Solar power to Electricity

We all know that all the energy we use comes from the sun, and it’s also the ultimate source for energy produced by wave, water, wind and fossil fuels. And this is how it works, the heat from the sun drives the air currents and water flows that turn wind turbines and power hydroelectric dams. Meanwhile, the rays of the sun also helps the plants grow that eventually, become wood, coal and gas that we can use.

     Let’s understand the real impact and potential of the sun and solar power. The sun is a massive, blazing sphere of gases 330 thousand times more massive than our planet earth and at its core, the sun is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit, which is 60 thousand times the heat of your oven, when you bake a pizza! The sun gives off lots of energy into space as temperature and light, and radiation this is known as solar energy. If we could capture all of the solar energy that reaches the earth's surface, we could continuously run a 25inch television on every square meter of the earth, and still have energy left over.

Right now, we are not using all this energy. Instead, we mostly rely on coal, oil and natural gas, and other resources. But these resources are not upgradable, which means they will ultimately run out. In fact, if we keep using these non-renewable resources at the rate we are now, we may run out of oil and gas in the next 50 years and coal in the next 115 years, not only are these non-renewable resources going to run out, they’re also polluting our planet and contributing to climate change.

The Solar energy, on the other hand, will not "run out" for the next billion years. That makes it a renewable source of energy. Other resources like wind and water can also provide us with energy. But even all the energy we can get from all these sources added together is still less than 1% of the solar energy reaching the earth. It's clear that the potential of solar energy massively out shines its challengers.

How solar panels works? Solar panels directly converts sunlight into usable electricity. Here’s how it works, everyday sunlight’s will streams down into your solar panels with protons, which are elements of sunrays, then the solar panels alters those photons into electrons using photovoltaic cell technology, this Photovoltaic can convert solar energy into electricity, and the amount of electricity generated depends on the amount of the sun, but even on cloudy days your solar panels will still absorbs sunlight and generate energy, once the energy is transferred from the sun, it will flow from the solar panels to a thing called  inverter that converts the raw electricity into ready to use electric power for your home.

In addition, the solar electric system can generate more electric power than your home needs and the extra energy, that you do not use goes back to your utility grid also known as net metering and you'll be able to enjoy watching your utility meter spins backwards, then at night or on cloudy days, when your solar power system did not produce enough energy to your home you will be able to draw power down from the grid, so you never have to worry about running out of electricity. You will feel good about your solar investment, not only because, it will let you save money, but because you will be doing your part in providing a safer environment for you, your family and for the future generation’s.

Best of all, it’s a lot more affordable than you might think, if you're ready to stop wasting on high electricity bills and starts harnessing the free power that's available to you right now. Just give us a Call 92 000 3018 or you can visit our website @ our Deem Solar team is always ready to assist you and they are able to answers all your questions.


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