A solar power revolution that promises to change the world

The world is changing new regions are developing   they require massive amounts of energy, but traditional energy sources cannot fulfill this great need for energy fossil fuels are limited and they leave large carbon footprint, nuclear power plants are not alternative either, because they can be hazardous and cost prohibitive this is why we need renewable energy. Electricity from renewable is clean safe, abundant and is becoming more and more affordable that’s why according to the study. Other nations have recognized these advantages that's why 94% of Germans 97% of the French, 80%of the Japanese and 91%of Americans prefer renewables over any other energy source and countries like India also recognize the potential of renewable energy and have begun supporting it, the sun is an important power source.

Solar power is now as cheap as fossil fuel.

Every it supplies even more energy than we can use worldwide, however many people wonder whether photovoltaics energy generated from sunlight is efficient enough, but solar energy can contribute significantly to power generation in sunny countries even in Germany. A country not known for the abundance of sunshine PV plants produce more electricity on a sunny day than all the nuclear power plants on the power distribution grid. One energy source alone cannot fulfill the mission of renewable energy use worldwide the energy revolution can succeed with an intelligent energy mix, But aren't PV plants too expensive, solar is now affordable falling prices and new financing models have eliminated the financial barrier to going solar, while energy prices are exploding worldwide, the sun doesn't send us the power bill. Investments in PV plants often pay off after only a few years but isn’t solar electricity primarily a luxury for developed industrial nations, Photovoltaic is especially useful for newly developed nations.

Here’s the idea on How the Solar power works at your home.

When the sunlight hits the module on the solar photovoltaic or PV installation, the module converts the sun's energy into electricity that can be used to power your home. Whether the electricity is being drawn from the PV installation or in utility company, your home's power performance will stay the same. The direct current or DC power that the installation produces is wired to an inverter. This inverter converts the DC power into an alternating current, better known as AC power. This AC power is the standard electrical current use for powering most home's appliances and luxuries throughout the world.

The electrical current then flows from the inverter to the home's electrical service panel that feeds electric power into the household. An optional tracking meter can keep track of the home's electrical consumption, the total output of the solar installation and more this tracking system often have live display’s systems or online monitors so you can track how much of your home's electricity needs are being met by your system's production and how well your system is performing at several point in time. During the day, if the solar system's production exceeds the house's electrical needs, the excess energy is fed back to the power grid. When this occurs, you can observe the meter spins backward. Most local governments have a system of credits set in the place that require utility corporations to buy this excess energy back from various renewable energy standards, portfolio’s and goals.

Solar offers payback your investments for the PV system

In addition to decreasing your electric bill, these credits can be sold to utilities. This generates revenue to payback your investments for the PV system, and eventually turn into a profit. At night, or anytime a domestic is using more electric power than a solar installation is creating, the extra energy needed to power the house is pulled from the grid. As it usually would be. When you install a solar system on a home. The only noticeable difference you'll see is on your electric bill.

Investing in a PV system is a smart sensible choice that plays for itself overtime by harnessing the most abundant free form of energy available to us today. Solar power, it benefits you, the environment and the world standard of living. And also, Solar energy offers independence from rising prices and unreliable grids, off grids systems can help create independent power distribution grids, which can supply entire communities with clean electricity, because rising gasoline prices have become a fact of life, it is cheaper to operate a grid using photovoltaic and batteries than a loud polluting diesel generator that has to be maintained regularly high fuel prices also affects the rest of the world, we only have one planet let's treat it with respects.


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