7 tips to care and maintain your solar panels

Nearly all of the solar consumers get this question often, nobody wants to concern about climbing up on the rooftop to maintain for their solar equipment. Solar panels work by moving daylight into electric power, Therefore the cleaner your panels are, the more resourcefully they’ll be capable to produce clean energy.

Since Solar Power is the most effective on the marketplace it will make more power than challenging panels in a variety of low daylight conditions, but any panels covered with too much dust or wreckage won’t produce more energy. One study found that long dirt buildup can decrease a solar panel’s electric power production efficiency by 20 percent.

How to Clean Your Solar Panels

The coolest thing is that seasonal rain and snow falling typically washes off any dirt and other wastes that may have stored on solar panels. However in case your location receives little or no rainfall and has windy, and dusty weather, you could want to smooth your panels sometimes. A few house owners are able to do that themselves or they will pick someone who is professionally trained to clean.

Alternately, if you need to save that money — and you may correctly access your group — you can uncontaminated your solar panels yourself. This method is a bit more difficult, so note these following solar panel cleaning hints

  1. Call your Solar panel Company or refer your guide for any detailed recommendations or advice previous to the cleaning. Certain Solar systems can also need you to electricity turn-off before cleaning as a safety measure.
  2. Always Safety first. Watch your foot and keep it away from stepping on any strings or panels. If your array is to your rooftop, use safety chains.
  3. Watch for an overcast day or evening to clean your Solar panels. If the sunlight is high, water will fast evaporate and leave marks.
  4. Freshwater, a sponge or towel, and a good rubbing will remove most dust buildup. Use small round strokes to release the dirt and hose it off with water.
  5. For stubborn tints, you can use a gentle cleanser, like dish soap (for cleaning). You may require to use a natural brand that will not damage shrubs and grass when it runs off the array.
  6. Don’t ever use tough and hard cleaning things like rough scrubbers, or high-pressure washers, as they can damage the solar panels.
  7. If the water is solid, don’t’ use that, always use soft water to clean solar panels, and sponge the panels dry to avoid calcium deposits.


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